I hold Workshops by monthly they are £30. Next workshop is on Sunday 4th February. 
Entitled What’s Stopping me?

In this workshop we will explore your yoga practice and your unique physiology and ask ourselves the time immoral question. WHAT IS STOPPING ME?? With certain postures, how come others can and I can’t??? Will I ever be able to do that posture??  

These questions and many more answered in this insightful and thought provoking workshop. 

Your going to learn a lot. Be warned, your mind will be BLOWN!!!

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These events are suitable for all levels, ages and abilities.

Workshops carry 5 CPD  for Yoga Teachers afiliated with Yoga Alience.

Please see my Facebook Events Page for all details of even upcoming events.

Festivals, Hen Parties and Retreats  
You can book for a hen yoga session, for the morning after the night before!  

Holistic, mindful and nutrition events

Photo Credit: The Life Delight

I also provide yoga for  holistic, mindful and nutrition events with other mind-body professionals.

As well as all this, I can do festivals and guest teach at your retreat or event. Prices upon application.